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So much Happily welcoming the incredible Younique Travel Adventures volunteers who had their first day at Melon Mission today. It`s always so..

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Thank you so much to Desiree Moore from US, she has already been here for one week filming different Melon activities. On her internship,she..

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It`s great!! The third classroom foundation of our new school building has been done,in two weeks we have some great volunteers coming to help..

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Melon Mission is a haven for over 450 street children in Nakuru, Kenya. We provide them with food, education and clothing in a nurturing environment where they feel safe and loved.


Why the name “Melon” ?

"Melon" is derived from the fruit known as a Watermelon. A fruit that normally grows wild, it is considered the best summer fruit because it is hardy, sweet and thirst quenching with its juice. The children, who are destitute and vulnerable, are placed in the most difficult circumstances in life, yet on the inside they are completely the opposite. As Bishop Joseph, the founder of Melon Mission used to say: "No matter the growing season a melon always ripens" and that was his attitude towards "his" children. "We have seen what is inside the needy children, and this is what we want to bring to fullness" - Bishop Joseph. Melon Mis­sion is an orga­ni­za­tion that provides Kenyan destitute street children with food, cloth­ing, and education as well as warmth and love. We serve 450 chil­dren who live in a slum area of Nakuru, Kenya. We serve chil­dren regard­less of their reli­gion, race, ethnicity or gender. To read more about us, our Mission and how you can help, please select one of the menu options at the top.

Determination against all odds….

There are many ways to get involved. Read more in our "VOLUNTEER" section.
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Welcome to Melon Mission !

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