About us
Melon Mis­sion is a non-profit Christian organization, dedicated to serving orphans, destitute and vulnerable children.
Is to lead needy children into their God given potential.
We are currently serving over 400 orphaned, destitute and vulnerable children who live in Kwa Rhoda slum area of Nakuru, Kenya.

We serve children regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

We serve orphans, destitute and vulnerable children because we are moved by their impoverished circumstances and we want to demonstrate God’s love to them. Helping even one child may break a cycle of poverty for generations.
We are able to serve the said children through the very great and kind help of kind people like you,who can donate, sponsor, volunteer, tell others about Melon Mission or help in any other kind way possible.
The results of our efforts is that orphans, destitute and vulnerable children are able to fully develop physically, socially and spiritually in a safe and encouraging environment that encourages them to reach their full God given potential.
The History of Melon Mission
In 2004 Bishop Joseph Kagema of Chosen Pentecostal International Fellowship (C.P.I.F) was deeply touched when he witnessed a completely neglected group of people roaming the streets. Street children scavenged through filthy garbage in an attempt to find some morsels of food to eat. Some families depended entirely on food from garbage pits. Some people begged for food and others engaged in criminal activity to earn a living. At the end of the day the street children gathered and sniffed intoxicating substances like glue to forget their pain and hunger.

Out of sympathy and compassion for the ravaged community, Bishop Joseph and his wife, Beatrice, organized days in which they met the street children and provided them with a meal, washing detergents, and counsel regarding immoral actions. The Bishop and his wife were unable to fully meet the physical needs of all the street children. Their friends offered a few old clothes to clothe some children who wore tattered clothes. The more time the Bishop spent with the children, the more he understood their struggles. One of the major problems that needed to be addressed was finding adequate shelter for the children who were spending cold night in open make shift shelters. And so began a mission for orphans and destitute children, a project that would not only bring shelter for street children but would also become a light of hope to the community.