A need for clothing
Educational Materials
Project Funding
MONETARY DONATIONS, one-time or recurring:

  • Towards Food, Where Most Needed, Building Projects or General Use


  • Dedicate a donation to your mom, dad, grandma, or friend for any occasion (Birthday, In Memory Of etc.). We will e-mail you a special card that you can print as a gift for your loved one. The card will explain how your gift to them will help children in need.

Of course, you may also want to SPONSOR a child. To do so, please visit our “Sponsor a Child” page.


  • If you visit us, we would love for you to bring any of the gently used items listed below with you as there is a luggage allowance.
  • The only items we can accept by mail are computer electronics because they are exempt from the package tax, everything else will be subject to taxes which we cannot pay at this time.


  • Did you just buy a new laptop?  If so, why not donate your old gently used laptop or tablet to a good cause?  You can mail any gently used laptops or tablets to our school in Kenya where they will be used to help the school’s administrative staff educate the children.
  • MAILING ADDRESS: Melon Mission, P.O. Box 822-20100, Nakuru, Kenya\East Africa


Books in English or Swahili:

  • Reference books from 1990 to the present: encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Textbooks from 2000 to the present: primarily for math, science, and English, but also world history, geography, health, and social studies
  • Solar calculators, notebooks, rulers, graph paper, pencils, chalk, crayons, English alphabet flash cards, pocket dictionaries, pencil sharpeners, protractors, compasses, laptops, and backpacks.  Classroom wall charts: current world maps, math charts, science charts, etc.


  • Clothing for children ages 4 to 18.  Boys’ clothing: summer shirts, cold weather fleeces, shorts, pants, socks, shoes, and underwear.  Girls’ clothing: modest summer shirts, cold weather fleeces, skirts, dresses, bras, socks, shoes, and underwear.


  • Football/Soccer balls, pumps, cones, shin guards, socks, athletic shorts, cleats, and equipment bags. Note: deflated balls during travel take up less space.  Jump ropes.


  • Bandages (bandage strips and rolls of elastic wrap).  Pain relievers, anti-diarrhea medicine, anti-itch cream, and antibiotic ointment.  Menstrual pads (preferably reusable cloth pads).  Bars of soap. Children’s multivitamins.

THANK YOU for helping us change the lives of children and provide them with basic needs in order to flourish.