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There are many vulnerable Children living on the streets of Kenya and each one has dreams and ambitions just like any other child does. They aspire to be someone and be successful, but often do not have a choice.

At Melon Mission we endeavor to help every child in the best way possible as EVERY Child deserves a chance!!

Many of life’s opportunities are not readily available to these children, so when they are offered a chance to be educated and make their lives better they embrace it with open arms.

Education in Kenya starts with Nursery School from the age of 4 – 5 and Melon has a large base of Children who attend daily.

Nursery School is followed by Primary School, We have a full primary school from age 6 to 13 however due to some children joining school late or due to different circumstances, the age is different between some children.

Primary Education in Government Schools is free to attend, however funding is not enough for food, desks, chairs, books, paper, chalk, pencils, uniforms, shoes and other equipment and hence sometimes the guardians of the children are required to meet this costs which end up being a burden to a people already struggling to meet even a day`s meal.

Classroom conditions are generally overcrowded and consist of a mixture of ages and ability due to missing School, repeating years, learning difficulties or maturity. Some classrooms house up to 70 Children at a time, all crammed onto benches with barely any enough desk space to learn on.  This scenario is all too common in Africa, and this also contributes to low quality of education due to lack of proper learning assistance to children and also lack of enough resources. And so although the Government has encouraged more Children to go to School with its pledge for free Primary Education it has not supported the schools with adequate resources and staff.

Even though we know the government is trying to improve on this, we know it’s going to take a very long time and we cannot just stare at children not having education which means lacking hope for a better future, and thus this is why Melon Mission has taken the very adequate measure to provide education for the needy children and not only education but quality education that will give these children a good avenue in life like any other fortunate child.

Children pay the highest price when economic and social challenges affect communities and families. The heartache and suffering that these Children are faced with each day is something that is truly unimaginable.

How often do you hear people say ‘I’m starving’?

This is a phrase that we often hear casually bandied around, but how many people actually realize the severity of what this really means? Malnutrition and absence of adequate nutrients in the diet can quickly cause damage to the vital organs, which in some cases can be irreversible. Eventually this damage will begin to shut down your body meaning that you are no longer able to function, ultimately leading to fatality.

Regardless of age, nobody should have to suffer from extreme hunger or food deprivation as countless numbers of people do currently.

At Melon Mission we operate a feeding programme for over 400 children every day, in which we aim to give each child at least two meals per day. Without our help, many of these children will simply starve or be forced to rummage through the dump sites of the slums in the hope of finding scraps of food to feed on.

The thought that these beautiful young children would be left to wander the dusty streets looking for food breaks our hearts therefore we have taken the responsibility of feeding these children five days in a week i.e. Monday to Friday by giving them breakfast which is normally porridge and a hot lunch.

Due to poverty most of the children guardians are not able to buy clothes for their children.

Children often wear a school uniform every Monday to Friday. Most children have only 1 non-school outfit to wear at home and do not have proper shoes.

It is on this that Melon Mission has a clothing program whereby we provide the children with a school uniform in order for them to feel appreciated and equal regardless of their different back grounds. We also provide them with non-school outfits so that they can also have clothes to wear while back at home.

On top of providing basic needs to the destitute children,Melon Mission is committed to ensuring that the children grow up in a healthy way, by this we occasionally organize for medical checkups for the children and also meet some emergency hospital bills for the children, as the health insurance is not affordable to most families and hence most of them find themselves in very difficult situations when they have to meet some huge medical bills, we also look after some children that are HIV positive and thus providing them with the required dietary requirement for them to stay healthy.

Also having the children come from very difficult circumstances leads the children to facing a lot of challenges and hence needing a lot of counseling on various issues pertaining to their development. Our social workers are always there to offer the so much needed counseling and also planning for counseling sessions with other related organizations.

As much as we are helping the children we understand that their guardians back at home sometimes undergo some very critical situations which we cannot ignore, there are times some of our children guardians have been chased out of their homes simply because they cannot pay their house rent, there are some times the families have completely lacked jobs and end up not having any food at home, and so we do from time to time extend our generosity to the affected families by paying for the house rents of some of the guardians faced by such critical situations and also helping the guardians in other different ways.

There are also families in the community that have faced some critical situations such as having their houses burn,losing loved ones and Melon Mission helps the affected families.