Melon Mis­sion is a haven for over 400 orphans, destitute and vulnerable children living in Nakuru, Kenya.  Our aim is to provide them with Love, Food, Clothing, Education and other basic needs for their survival, and also to help them realize and achieve their full God given potential.
Since 2004 Melon Mission has been making a huge and significant, positive impact on the life`s of orphans, destitute and vulnerable children residing in the Rhoda Slums of Nakuru Kenya.
So far more than 1000 children have successfully acquired their primary education courtesy of Melon Mission School programme and over 100 children have been supported directly by Melon Mission to go through high school education.
Melon Mission has managed to do all this through the very kind help of wonderful and caring people around the world. Unfortunately we have been operating Melon Mission School in a school premise that we don’t own, but a private temporary property, which we have had to rent for the past 10 years.
Unfortunately the land we have is not enough to accommodate the whole school plan and also a play field for the children, since our plan is to have 14 classes, assimilation room, a multipurpose hall, kitchen, a books library, a computer room, books, other stationery stores and an administration block.
Fortunately there is land just around the new school, put up for sale, and hence this gives us an opportunity to purchase a playing field for the children next to the new school.
Kindly Donate towards the Melon Mission School Big Move and then please kindly share our page with your family, friends, colleagues, groups, institutions, and as many people as you can reach, in an effort to help us achieve the Melon Mission and Vision of providing education, food, clothing and other basic needs to orphans, destitute and vulnerable children in the slums of Nakuru Kenya, as a way of leading them to the great potential that God has given them.
In 2012 we acquired our own land and embarked on building our own proper permanent school, and through the kind help of supporters around the world we in 2015 begun the building of the new school. The new school building has so far come up well, but due to financial constrain we have only been able to do so little compared to what we hope to do. So far we have only managed to build eight classes and have not yet put up the roofs. It is on this kind note that we are now so kindly appealing to kind people around the world, to help us in completing the current phase of the new school building, which is putting up the roofs,completing on a washroom block,building a Septic tank and finishing of five classes.
Our Great Hope and target is to raise $100,000 USD to complete the first phase of the new school building and to purchase a play field for the children to play in.
It is therefore our very sincere and kind appeal to friends around the world to kindly help us in raising $100,000 in the next four months so that next year we can move from the current private property into our new school.
We then will continue with further development of the school once we have moved in.
Along with being a non-profit organization in Kenya.
Melon Mission is a registered 501(c) (3) in the USA
Melon project Ltd Tax ID # 20-8335402
Also registered charity in UK
Melons UK Reg No 1168211
UK Bank Account
Bank name: HSBC,Bank code no: 40-28-20
Bank account no: 22581744,Account name: Melons UK
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